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Wanderer's Journal Hollow Knight

The hollow knight wanderers journal is the perfect way for players to keep track of their every day events and to future-proof themselves for the next game in the hollow knight series. This journal is filled with lore art work and is also a book if you want to switch to.

Cheap Wanderer's Journal Hollow Knight

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Top 10 Wanderer's Journal Hollow Knight

The wanderers' journal is a hollow knight's residence in the knight's peninsula. It is where the wanderers will find their next destination: a chance to tell their story and learn about the people and place they are currently located. The journal can be found on theziirnite's bedding. if you're looking for a guide to the world of hollow knight, then this is the right place for you! This is a journal for all the individuals who has wandered what with their interpretation of the hollow knight. You can find here information on what they've seen and experienced, and what with their thoughts on the matter. this is the journal of a traveler who has been told nothing but the truth by the people around her. She discovers that she is a wanderer, and has to reveal nothing to them except her true identity. They demand what she is safe doing, but she must keep spilling the beans on the world she has hidden from them for years. In the end, the people are forced to fight an alien race that has receptors in her head, and when she finally reveals who she is, they kill her before she can betrayed them. the hollow knight wanderers journal is a strategy guide for the game hollow knight. It is brand new and has no owner yet. If you want to be part of the wanderers journal community, you will need to bedb-aged 18 or more years old.