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Piano Practice Journal

The Piano Practice Journal is an outstanding surrogate to stay on track every week while learning new music! By reading through this journal, you can come up with custom Practice plans for your music, get more Practice by learning new songs at home, or even get more Practice for your concert recordings.

Piano Practice Journal Walmart

This Piano Practice Journal is a splendid choice to keep track of your Practice and to start learning new songs, the pages are made out of blue paper and have a built in Journal app. It also includes a podcast tracker and a tracker, this Journal is for keeping track of my Piano practice, lessons and other events. It as well a space to share my progress with others who desire to learn the piano, the Piano Practice Journal is an exceptional alternative to keep track of your Piano Practice and to get to know your music better. This week's assignment is "piano Practice with short breaks" and is about how to play an a minor sonata, this week's is about how to play a minor sonata in e minor. You will have a few minutes to play the sonata before working on you the fastest surrogate to finish the sonata is to have a short break, this Journal is for weekdays when i am working on my Piano practice. I might be working on an audition or two, or just reviewing my work from the week before, this Journal is conjointly a place to keep track of my practice, and to post any problems i find.