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Liquid Galaxy Journal

Looking for a fun and exciting choice to keep track of your sales and with the help of our Liquid Galaxy Journal kit stickers, pen glitter, and Liquid markers, you can write all you want but it'll never feel as fun as when you have a first-class amount of stickers, pen glitter, and Galaxy in your hand.

Liquid Galaxy Journal Ebay

This set of Liquid Galaxy Journal stickers and pens is more than just a set of stickers! These pens and stickers make it possible to write in not only a Liquid but also glimmery Galaxy Journal style journal, the markers are must-have for a suitor wants to create a more magic inspired journal. The Liquid Galaxy Journal kit includes stickers, pen glitter, Galaxy sticker stickers, and a bag of markers, this kit will help you write in a digital environment, and share your finds with friends. The Liquid markers make it uncomplicated to add interest to your writing, and the sticker stickers make it straightforward to find and share, this Journal kit contains Liquid Galaxy markers, stickers, and pen glitter in a kit is good for writing in because it gives a soft, smooth surface that makes it straightforward to write on. The symbols and symbols on the kit help you to write down your thoughts with less effort, the stars and planets on the kit make it facile to find specific memories or thoughts when writing in. This Liquid Galaxy Journal kit includes 30 Liquid markers, 10 inch high-quality pencils, and aliquid Galaxy Journal kit includes 30 Liquid markers, 10 inch high-quality pencils, and a markers supplement! This kit will help you write in with ease and up date your information constantly, the Liquid Galaxy Journal kit comes with a range of Liquid markers to help you write in your all of these markers are high quality and will make you look good while doing so.