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Girl Tech Password Journal

This is a brand new sealed Journal with your very own Girl Tech password, what's included? -the Journal -her Password -a circle of protection -$10 sale price the Girl Tech Password Journal is a fantastic surrogate to keep track of biz life and protect your brand. With the journal, you can keep track of your passwords, your favorite songs, and everything else related to your Tech savvy, plus, the protection will keep away unauthorized access, and the sale price is kind enough to cover the cost of the Journal and attract new customers.

BROKEN - FOR PARTS ONLY *** Mattel Password Journal Diary Girl Tech Purple 2008
Retro Girl Tech Mattel 2010 Password Journal Y2K Pink Journal Good Cond. Works!
Girl Tech Voice Recognition Password Journal, your voice protects it, 2006 ~ NOS

Girl Tech Voice Recognition Password

By Radica Girl Tech


Password Journal Girl Tech

The Password Journal Girl is purple in color and offers a pink voice activated phone, she is an and a purple scarf. She provides a set of keys on her neck that look like " passwords " and " secrets " in text form, the keys are activator if the user desires to access their Password Journal and keyboard logs. This is an unique purple Password Journal that was designed for Girl Tech professionals, the Journal grants a digital voice activated diary that renders statistics, keep a daybook, all about your life with other professionals around you. This Password Journal is outstanding for enthusiasts who desire mattel Girl technology! The Journal renders wonderful, high-quality graphics that will help you remember your passwords and jot down your thoughts on the exciting world of tech, this is a voice recognition Password Journal for girls. It is designed to help girls keep track of their pilot days and recognize their own voice, the Journal also includes ideas and moments that could lead to a Password success.