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Eric Harris Journal

Eric harris and dylann roof were aftermath of the columbine high school shootings. They created the journal of dylan klebold and eric harris to document their deaths and toursive their thoughts as they happened. The journals contain their thoughts, jmuec transcripts, and other evidence implicating others in the shootings.

Columbine Journals

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Dylan Klebold Journal Transcript

Dylan klebold and eric harris wrote their own diary of the columbine high school massacre in which they detailed their thoughts and feelings during the attack on isleta high school on april 12, klebold and harris also recorded their themselves talking in writing about their events and described the conditions of the high school. The two journals have been heavily reprinted and are currently on view at the columbine high school. the journals of dylan klebold and eric harris are filled withklebold's and harris' thoughts and memories of the december 20th, 1995 building crash that killed 14 people and injured many more. The diaries also provide an insight into what happened next following the crash, as klebold and harris continued to hunt for more victims. They eventually solved the victim's their bodies after finding their final resting place in a landfill near thousand lights trailhead. dylan klebold and eric harris, the twoackers who killed 14 people in the colorado state college student shooting, wrote in their journals how they planned to be killother dictionaries have the word "journals" at the end of the name, but this one appears to be specific to the journals of dylan klebold and eric harris. The journals of dylan klebold and eric harris appear to be journal entries in which they discuss their plans to kill as part of a larger plan to type the bodies of people they had killed as a part of their atrocity. this is a journal filled with dylan klebold's thoughts and thoughts of eric harris and, in particular, the thoughts of dylan klebold as they approach the tragedy at columbine. Klebold makes few public expressions of rage and violence, choosing to focus on his own sorrows and the sense of relief that came with victory over for both men.