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Animal Crossing Journal

Are you scouring for a new surrogate to spend your new horizons 22 nd year? Why not try out the Journal app! The app renders got everything you need to write in to have this year's animals as your insignia, you can also add a photo, or two for flavor, and top it off with a little text. The app provides got you covered.

Animal Crossing Journal Amazon

This Journal is for Animal Crossing new horizons 2022 calendar journ, do you grove on exploring new neighborhoods and cities? Sounds like an unrivaled surrogate to spend some time with your loved ones. If you do, then new horizons is your game! This expansion features new neighborhoods and enemies to explore, and it's only available to players who have received a new horizons key, this Journal will tell you everything you need to know about your new home and what to do with all of these new creatures. The new horizons Journal is an exclusive Journal for players of Animal Crossing new horizons, it is a keepsake for their time spent in new horizons, and is only available to players who complete the game's difficult narrative task, the redeveloped village. The Journal contains information on Crossing animals, and how the player's interactions with the as well as the animals' behaviours and events, are summarized, this Journal is filled with crosswalks and other Animal Crossing notes! Each day different animals come and go and there's a notebook to document it all.